Coronavirus apps: how Australia’s Covidsafe compares to other countries’ contact tracing technology

Here’s what we know about the apps being rolled out around the world to limit the spread of Covid-19 As countries around the world try to figure out the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus, many are considering some form of contact tracing app. But the methods and level of privacy intrusion vary […]

BlueScope IT ‘disruption’ feared to be ransomware attack

Production systems impacted. BlueScope Steel is suffering IT “disruption” that is believed to be the result of a ransomware infection, impacting production systems used by its global operations. iTnews has learned that production systems were halted company-wide in the early hours of Thursday morning, though recovery from backup was understood to be progressing on Thursday afternoon.  […]

COVID contact tracing app

Health minister now unsure if source code for COVID contact tracing app is safe to release

Despite previous assurances by government services minister Stuart Robert. Health minister Greg Hunt has put a question mark over whether a promise to release all source code for the federal government’s forthcoming COVID-19 contact tracing app is actually possible due to security concerns. Talking on Triple M Hobart’s ‘The Spoonman’ show with Brian Carlton on Tuesday, Hunt […]

Work From Home

Ten working from home issues to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is rapidly emerging as a workplace health and safety issue, and many businesses are considering employee work from home arrangements. IN BRIEF Employers should be cognisant of relevant employment agreements, enterprise agreements and awards The work from home policy should be seen as part of a broader HR policy response to coronavirus Ensure you […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Phishing Scams

How to Spot and Avoid COVID-19 Pandemic Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are always circulating. Scammers and hackers update their phishing strategies to fit the current news cycle to make their phishing attempts more believable. The current glut of phishing attacks focus on one thing: the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how you spot a COVID-19 phishing scam and how to stay safe online during the pandemic. […]

Microsoft Word Alternatives

The Best Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

When you ask people what program they use to write a report or letter, odds are they’ll say Microsoft Word. It has been the go-to word processor for years, but now there are several outstanding—and free—alternatives. Microsoft Word enjoyed a lengthy reign as the dominant word processor and is revered for its powerful, comprehensive abilities. […]